Term and condition

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Please read the following terms and conditions carefully. You must not make and accept any booking unless you understand and agree with the following terms and conditions ('Terms and Conditions').

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Please read the important information carefully before booking any services from Travocheap Tour and Travels. :

  • Incase, Customer lost their money or any kind of personal stuff Like Bag, Wallet, Money etc. We will not be responsible for any kind of Lost items.
  • Full And Final amount to be cleared before Travel and 100 Percent Amount to be paid before 10 Days of a Travel.
  • There will be No Cancellation Refunds if you cancel your trip for any kind of Reason. If your travelling date is 10 days later then no refunds will be given.
  • If there is any kind of cancellation of the Activity Due to Weather Conditions or Any other Personal reasons then money will not be refunded.
  • We will not be responsible for any kind of lost or stolen of your Passport, Personal Stuff, Camera, Gold or Money etc. If we need to send the Driver to search your stuff then there will be extra charges for that.
  • Cab will only wait for half an hour only. Whether it is SIC or Private Basis. If cab leaves then there will be cancellation of the activity and no refunds.
  • Extra Charges added if still wants to continue or rebook.
  • Incase customer didn’t like the Hotel whether it’s a 3* or 4* property which is offered in the quotation and if its confirmed by the customer so that property will not be changed on Travel. However if Customer would like to change the Hotel then prices will be shared accordingly.
  • If you discontinue your Travel for any PERSONAL or any other reason then money will not be refunded.
  • If customer wants to add any Extra Activity or Any Extra Services on Tour then they need to pay the amount before starting any activity. Company will not bear an extra activity   cost.
  • If there is any kind of amount is Due after completion of Travel then He/she needs to clear there dues strictly in 2 weeks only. If the Customer refuses to pay the dues than Legal action will be taken against him/her.
  • Tourism Tax or any other Tax which is imposed on the traveller will be paid by the customer only.
  • SIX Month Validity Passport Rule : Passport must always be valid at least 6 months (for social visa 12 months) from day of arrival. No exceptions !! Keep a page on passport empty for stamp or visa sticker!
  • If your passport validity is less than 6 months. It may lead to DENY BOARDING whereas the company would not be responsible for such incidence. NO REFUND will be given afterwards.
  • IF your Flight ticket has any Name or Letter mistake please inform your agent immediately otherwise this may lead to DENY BOARDING at the Airport , then the company will not be responsible.
  • NO Refund will be given if you have NON-REFUNDABLE Bookings.
  • If the Person is NO SHOW for the Flight, Activity or Hotel then no money will be refunded.

Visa Rules :

1. Travocheap Tour & Travels acts as an agent on behalf of their clients in the submission of applications for visa and ancillary services to the appropriate institutions and/or immigration authorities.

2. Travocheap Tour & Travels aims to process the visa application in the timelines committed to in its promotional materials. Travocheap Tour & Travels will use its best endeavors to minimise any delay or inconvenience caused in this respect. However, Travocheap Tour & Travels does not guarantee time guidelines for any visa application. Travocheap Tour & Travels will not be held responsible should the immigration authorities or any other third party change their rules, regulations or processing requirements if that change has a direct effect on the timeline for delivery.

3. Travocheap Tour & Travels will not be held responsible for costs incurred due to a delay in the visa process due to circumstances outside of our control.

4. For short stay business and tourist visas, Travocheap Tour & Travels may apply for a Double or Multiple entry visa on the clients behalf, yet the embassy may decide to grant a Single entry visa. The decision to grant a Single entry visa remains solely with the embassy and we do not have control over this.

5. For any visa, in particular a tourist or business visa, the client should not book a flight ticket unless the embassy has specifically requested evidence of this as a requirement for the visa application. Since incase of any refusel of Visa no money will be refunded.

6. Travocheap Tour & Travels cannot influence: any decision made by an immigration authority; any requests for additional information before finalising a visa; any delay by an immigration authority in the issuing of a visa; or a decision to refuse to grant a visa.